Social Media Management and Media package creation for AVS Fencing Supplies



It all started with Social Media Management

After myself and Sara created AVS Fencing Supplies a series of promotional videos we had a review meeting to discuss how the project went and obtain direct feedback to find out how we could improve on the next project. It was at this time they mentioned how pleased they were with our work and asked for us to run a social media project for them to maximise the reach and engagement of the videos we had created. 

Naturally we were excited to begin this project. As we're big on collaborations and like to create work in our local area we called upon a local freelancer to assist us with the project and immediately started planning how we were going to execute the project.

This involved researching AVS Fencing Supplies, their customer demographics and previous surveys, which hashtags to use, and much more. We scheduled posts on Facebook & Twitter. Instagram posts were uploaded at specific times of the day we found would work best for this clients target audience, and wrote blog content to link back to the AVS Fencing Supplies website

The aim of the project was to help potential customers locate their stores via a store finder.

We didn't just use photos, blogs, and videos but also a competition which went down well. 

We love creating bespoke digital content and to do this in collaboration with a local expert was thoroughly enjoyable and at the same time rewarding as we love bringing work to our local area. 


Sadly Football didn't come home but the visitors to AVS Fencing Supplies website did! Following this short, week long mid summer project we reviewed how it went. The reach and engagement had soured! Our client was happy and we were pleased with the outcome. 

In undertaking this project for AVS Fencing Supplies it gave their organic reach and engagement a healthy kick start. 

This project took place back in Mid July and shortly after we were asked to submit a proposal for a media package involving filming at several locations including Blenheim Palace in Oxford. 

Filming, editing, broadcasting, & social media management

AVS Fencing Supplies agreed to supply materials for The Famous Five Garden at Blenheim Palace for the BBC Countryfile Live Show 2018. The garden designs looked superb and we were super keen to get involved.

Not long after hearing about the project our proposal was submitted... after a little negotiation it was accepted and we commenced our planning. This project ran from late July over to early August. It was exciting for us to be involved, and as you can imagine took a lot of planning to ensure we executed it professionally, precisely and effectively.

To help us successfully deliver this project to our client, AVS Fencing Supplies we had to bring in other staff such as Jeeves Williams from Jeeves Media, and also upgrade our in house camera equipment. We spent a couple of weeks working on the project travelling from our office, in Portsmouth up to Stone Scapes in Cranleigh, to AVS Fencing Supplies Horsham branch, and up to the well known university city that is Oxford. 

AVS Fencing Supplies kindly supplied materials for The Famous Five Garden Build which took place at Blenheim Palace. Another media company obtained the licensing for the project alongside Hachette Childrens Group, the awarded publishers of the Enid Blyton's Famous Five Series who we enjoyed working closely with.

The Famous Five Garden build & Media team

We as a media production company were entrusted by our client, AVS Fencing Supplies, to maximise their reach and engagement of the project.  No time was wasted, we immediately began to plan our shoots, story boards, social media scheduling, travel, aerial work via drones, time lapses, and got stuck in! One of our main goals was to strike a link to the BBC and if possible be featured on their social media postings. 

We were travelling, shooting, and editing on the same day, It was by no means an easy feat but we enjoyed every moment. 

The plan was to create a series of videos documenting the preparation and shipment of AVS, plus the subsequent build which was undertaken by BNE Landscapes. 

Filming and Production

The initial features smooth transitions, including a motion tracked masking cut where the BNE van door lifts up and cuts to the next scene. 

To form the series of videos we split the narrative into two halves and four quarters: The 'journey' and 'build', both comprised two videos illustrating the story from the first journey video which introduced followers to the project.

The first video - It was filmed at Stonescapes in Cranleigh, which is were materials were initially delivered for prep work to commence. The video is simple and includes a selection of dynamic drone shots including one flying through a JCB cabin! Please don't try that at home!

The second video - build one. A bit of slow-mo sawing, low angled focus shifts cut to music, motion time lapses and geese walking through the frame. It was perfection edited to perfection. AVS requested text overlays were included highlighting each step of the construction process. 

The third video - This was the second journey video. We thoroughly enjoyed putting this video together check it out!

The second journey video is my favorite. When we first rendered‘n’played the part where the drone shot of Blenheim Palace kicks in with the orchestral swell, Mike and I shed a tear.
The whole thing is so beautifully edited. Can’t fault it.

Plenty of scene-setters, too. The top of Blenheim Palace on the horizon, plus close-ups of a Countryfile wristband and a piece of wood saying ‘AVS was ‘ere’. Rad.
— Jeeves Williams

We finalised the series with the second build video which was the final one starting out with an interview with Louise, the transport manager from AVS Fencing Supplies before moving into interviews with Adrian, the marketing manager from AVS Fencing Supplies, and Ed from BNE Landscapes

We captured some great elevated and drone footage at Blenheim & Stonescapes before we headed back to Portsmouth to commence editing and craft the conclusive video of the project. 

In addition to the social media postings we provided three blog posts for our client. We found it thrilling to work on this project and feel great to have involved a local freelancer, Jeeves Williams, bringing work to our local area. 

Here are the blogs we created for our client:

AVS Fencing Supplies at BBC Countryfile Live

Using AVS sleepers to build raised beds for your garden

AVS materials used at BBC Countryfile Live

Our client has since provided us with feedback:

We couldn’t have hoped for the project to have run better. Thank you very much
— Adrian Harwood

The moment BBC Countryfile Live retweeted one of our Tweets was epic, what a great feeling! We managed to hugely inflate our clients organic reach and engagement during the project and look forward to working on similar projects in the future. 

Who would have thought our AVS Fencing Supplies work started with me and Sara spotting them advertising on the back of a bus prompting us to call them! It was evident when we first researched and met with the company they are professional, interesting, supply great products, and are genuinely nice people to work with. 

Let's talk about your companies needs and find out how we can help you.