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Property Inspections

Scaffolding can be an expensive, time-consuming mess. Solent Sky Services can inspect your roof using drones both efficiently and economically and have a survey report written by Mike from Solent Surveying Services — who has 15 years of experience surveying properties in the insurance industry — verbal reports can be given on the day followed up by written reports within 48 hours.

Our property surveying services are one of those things which make people go, “huh, is that really how cheap it is? What’s the catch?”

But there’s no catch. We can make it even cheaper for you if you chat to your neighbour and arrange for them to have their property inspected at the same time — you’ll both be charged a discounted rate for the joint job!


Can we fly over commercial premises and in city centres?

Absolutely. Firstly, we’re CAA PFCO — that means the Civil Aviation Authority have granted us Permission for Commercial Operations. Secondly, we’re very thorough in our pre-flight checks, ensuring everything is as legal and safe as possible. We’re fully-insured, licensed, certified, and approved.