With over 15 years experience capturing still photography and over 2 years flying drones commercially in house we appreciate that drones are not always the answer for aerial photography.

Drones do unfortunately have their limits:

  • We’re limited to around 170 flying days per year due to weather conditions

  • With distances to consider flying safely and legally whilst capturing stills can limit our productivity. For example if we’re flying from land and want to capture a unique angle with the sun in the right position we may not be able to due to distance restraints.

  • Time in the sky - Our drones generally have a flight time of around 20 minutes, we can look at tethered options to increase flight time but this restricts the drones movements. When taking off and landing out at sea we have to reduce flight times to ensure a strict level of safety is maintained.

After receiving a brief from you we can advise the best way to capture the images be it via drone flights or manned aviation. By using manned aviation we can take to the skies with medium format cameras capturing 100 mega pixel images fit for print. It’s an ideal service for high pressure shoots that require additional time in the air or for capturing moving subjects when the limitations of drone use could effect the output.

Don’t knock drones though! We can still capture high resolution print ready images. Here’s a few examples of our drone photography: