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We're the South's premier team of Hampshire-based CAA-certified drone pilots, filmmakers, photographers and digital content creators - we’re the complete aerial package. Through our passion of technology, drones and delivering an exceptional service we provide clients with boundary-pushing aerial filming, drone photography and inspection services. We have multiple crews based in Portsmouth & London and are fully insured across the UK & Worldwide.


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Photography & Video

  • One-off photo commissions
  • Press partnerships — supplying imagery/visuals for publication and journalism
  • Promotional business videos
  • Event documentation
  • Photo and video editing and on-the-ground production
  • Photos for your site/stationery
  • Videos for use on display or big public screens
  • Stock aerial photography/film

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Surveying & 3D Mapping

  • Aerial building surveys
  • Property inspections — 15 years experience working in the insurance industry
  • 3D models of properties
  • Golf course surveying
  • 3D printing of 3D property scans for display/retail
  • Crop and agriculture analysis
  • Accurate detailed inspections of roofs/solar panels
  • Survey report writing 

Some recent testimonials

Thank you so much to Solent Sky Services for filming drone footage for our business The Meat Thief. It all looks fantastic.
— Jordan Boon
I met SSS whilst using their excellent services in relation to building surveying, but I was also interested in his other venture in aerial imagery, particularly in relation to golf course surveying. An aerial survey of a golf course would prove invaluable for greenkeepers to see the condition of the turf and exactly where they need to add more fertilisers or weed control chemicals. A great money saver! And the images obtained would look great on the clubhouse wall, website, or within a course planner. Mike and his other drone pilots are right at the cutting edge of the latest drone technology and imagery, and I wish them all the best in this exciting venture.
— Bill Longmuir
Great Survey of my roof. Professional and polite. Would definitely recommend and use again.
— Denise Boud
I arranged Solent Sky Services to survey a block of flats we manage in Southsea. The roof survey was a requirement for the renewal of our block’s insurance policy. I found the crew very friendly and professional. The building’s dozen roofs were surveyed surprisingly quickly, in less than 30 minutes!

We had considered paying a roofing contractor to carry this out, but approximately a third of the roof space was unobservable, except via cherry picker or raising a scaffold tower. Both options were time-consuming to organise and prohibitively expensive. The alternative solution was to contract a drone service company, and we were immensely pleased to quickly find Solent Sky Services right here in Portsmouth.

The photos and videos were absolutely outstanding, and the report received was succinct and in plain English that I found very easy to follow, being from a non-technical background.

I considered the services provided of excellent value, and highly recommend Solent Sky Services to anyone.
— Jason West