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We're the South's premier team of Hampshire-based CAA-certified drone pilots, filmmakers, photographers and digital content creators - we’re the complete aerial package. Through our passion of technology, drones, collaboration, and delivering an exceptional service we provide clients with boundary-pushing aerial filming, drone photography and inspection services. We have multiple crews based in Portsmouth & London and are fully insured up to 5m across the UK & Worldwide. We also work with a number of other media & aerial companies, & are happy to organise spotters, observers, pilots, camera crews, & operators to help you!

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Photography & Video

  • One-off photo commissions

  • Press partnerships — supplying imagery/visuals for publication and journalism

  • Promotional business videos

  • Event documentation

  • Photo and video editing and on-the-ground production

  • Photos for your site/stationery

  • Videos for use on display or big public screens

  • Stock aerial photography/film

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Surveying & 3D Mapping

  • Aerial building surveys

  • Property inspections — 15 years experience working in the insurance industry

  • 3D models of properties

  • Golf course surveying

  • 3D printing of 3D property scans for display/retail

  • Crop and agriculture analysis

  • Accurate detailed inspections of roofs/solar panels

  • Survey report writing