Instagram feed - do you grid tho?!

Have you mastered instagram and do you enjoy posting your content?

There are so many ways to design your feed layout. We've been experimenting with ours and enjoying putting it together. It's a great way to showcase your creative side and at the same time increase your following and engagement.

You can grid by row, diagonally, picture / quote / picture, grid by colour, grid picture by picture using the same filter and colour range, grid with a line down the middle, post circular photos, with white borders - We could go on and on! 

We like to grid one row = one location with similar colours / subject but we also enjoy mixing it up! Here's an example of our current feed!

Your goal on social media is organic reach and beating the algorithms. Introducing aerial content to your feed is a great way to boost your organic reach! Why wouldn't you want to grid your feed? It's becomming expected - remember Instagram and social media are super visual platforms!

Instagram grids play a big part in your online presence! The key is to enjoy it and ensure it's visually appealing by switching it up. Check out this Instagram feed for a little more inspiration.. we find it fascinating.