Electric bikes for a day!

As Mike has always been obsessed with traveling on two wheels we decided to try something new! We had seen recent advertisements from Southsea Cycles about their electric push bikes and were keen to give them a go.

I have grown up cycling and am very outdoorsy but as Mike is so keen on cycling I often find him having to slow down or wait for me to catch up. So after a quick call to the friendly chaps over at Southsea Cycles we had soon arranged a day to test out their bikes.

Before we knew it the day for our test rides had arrived and as luck would have it the sun was shining. We were kindly lent two electric bikes which were recommended to us to test ride. I was given the Batribike Omega and Mike was given the Urban Lectro. Mine was fully charged and Mikes had about half a battery remaining. After being shown how to work the bikes and checking saddle heights we were off!

Looking cool!

Looking cool!

As soon as we started to cycle I was shocked how powerful and easy the bike was to use, we were advised to start with the motor assist on the lowest setting and to slowly progress up the levels.

Cycling past Canoe lake, we joined the cycle lanes along Southsea seafront past Southsea Beach Café. We were so tempted to stop off as we know from many visits their food is superb and the staff are always friendly. They also do doggy ice cream which our Milo loves.

By now we were up to the highest speed setting and we really went for it. It felt nice being able to keep up with Mike. I was cycling, enjoying myself, exercising and getting a good dose of vitamin sea!

We soon found ourselves passing Eastney Marina and decided to stop off for a quick coffee break at the Eastney Sandwich Van. We started our filming here and you can see the video below.

Not having planned a route for the day we agreed to head across to Hayling Island via the Hayling Island Ferry. Heading over to the ferry port we found the ferry had just set off but they kindly returned to pick us up and take us on our way.

You can find a great selection of Electric Bikes here

Mike with his toy for the day!

Mike with his toy for the day!

It was a little windy on the ferry and although it was a very smooth crossing we held on tight to the bikes. Mike expressed his views on the bikes and was like a kid in a sweet shop!

When we reached the other side, the bikes were easy to push off the boat as considering the amount of technology on them they are relatively light weight and easy to transport. As soon as we hit the tarmac the ride was smooth, easy and enjoyable. We stopped in at Sinah Warren Hotel on Ferry Road to find a giant game of chess and people relaxing by the pool. Having not made this journey before we were a little lost! Mike nipped into reception to get directions and we headed off in the direction of The Arts Trail.

Our journey down The Arts Trail was beautiful as it felt like we were in the country side with fields to the right and the Sea to the left. As Mike put it ‘Costa Del Hayling’ as the weather at this point was super-hot.

Electric push bike

If we were on normal push bikes I would have been struggling by now but I was just enjoying being out and about taking in the scenery. After a little while we stopped off to soak up the sun and capture the scenery. As we sat and spoke about our experience we decided it was a safe area to fly our most portable drone, The DJI Mavic Pro. This drone is ready to use in a flash and it’s very light weight and portable. You can see the footage we captured in the video below.

Enjoying ourselves we lost track of time and had a fair way to go.. 15 miles to be exact. Southsea Cycles was closing at 1730 and it was coming up to 1640. Realising this we set off heading north but still managed to get lost! Thanks to Mikes Samsung Note 8 and Google Maps we were back on track despite a little detour and having to carry the bikes up some steps.

We joined the cycle path running alongside the A27 and due to the time of day we had joined what felt like the ‘Tour De France’. We enjoyed joining the rat run with these experienced and fast cyclists but couldn’t quite keep up with the fast road bikes.

Upon returning the bikes we made it dead on 1730! My bike still had full battery on return and Mikes had one bar remaining, bearing in mind it wasn’t fully charged, he is a lot heavier than me and throttle happy we had covered about 20 miles in the afternoon.

So, our verdict is:

These bikes are evidently great fun to use. They are not only for everyday use to make your journey that bit easier and increase your commuting range they are stylish, comfortable and easy to use.

It should be noted these bikes are not designed for racing or going super-fast but more so for comfort, convenience and leisure use. That said they don’t hang about and boost your speed well! We found it particularly fun to race each other off traffic lights as they get you up to speed with ease however we wouldn’t recommend full power from stand still unless you have had practice.