Promotional video for AVS Fencing Supplies

It was clear when we first met with AVS Fencing Supplies in their head office in Horsham we were going to get along well. We met with their marketing manager and marketing coordinator and had a lot in common! 

We were instructed to produce a promotional video for them to use on their website, and Social media channels. 

The promotional video involved Mike & Sara visiting a local branch over in Havant and two sites where AVS Fencing Supplies materials were being used by contractors to make their gardens look great! 

Solent Sky Services onsite

The first site we visited involved meeting Roger Blakemore from R & S Gardening Services and getting an insight into how the materials had been used onsite. Roger kindly gave us a tour and explained how AVS Fencing Supplies have played a big part in his projects success. 

We ensured that our flights were planned the previous evening which involved checking we had the land owners permission for take off, weather checks, NOTAM checks, distance checks, and filling out our 6 page risk and method statement so we could fly safely, legally, and in accordance with our approved operations manual.  We, as does every other commercial drone pilot have to do this for each commercial flight.

We then undertook filming on the ground and conducted an interview with Roger Blakemore which was great fun!  The weather was perfect and summer was peaking. 

solent sky services garden top down 2 for avs
Garden top down view

This garden had a fort in it! You know we love our forts.. 

So back to the gardens and filming. Our second sight was a little harder to fly at due to the close proximity to neighbours. We had to ensure they were under our control and again had to fill out our risk assessment and method statements before we could fly safely. 

Moving on from the second site we headed back to the AVS Havant branch and started planning for our filming there. This involved giving all the staff onsite a full safety briefing and bringing everyone under our control. 

Before flying, as usual we had to thoroughly plan our flight and prepare our Risk and Method Statements. The flights here were particularly interesting as it involved flying from inside their reception area to outside over the yard, and filming plant and machinery onsite. 

Here's a panorama of the Havant branch we captured for them to upload to their Socials

So after capturing the footage it was time to put together some edits! We really enjoying working out onsite and equally enjoy the editing. It's so important to have a picture of how the video will end up when undertaking the filming. 

We use Adobe Premiere Pro for our edits, we've used it for almost a decade and it's certainly the software we prefer using!

Here's one of the videos we put together: