How and why to capture aerial 360 photographs using a drone

High quality photography is key for your business or brand. Aerial photography is proven to be superb for reach and engagement online and offline. Aerial 360 photographs are not seen all that often and are great for showcasing venues, music festivals and locations.

You may not be following us on the socials and may have missed out on some of the latest posts featuring 360 aerial photographs so we wanted to provide you with a few examples here.

Here’s one of our latest examples:

You might wonder how we create these? It’s not entirely straight forward and takes a while to process. Perhaps you want to create one yourself?

It all starts with capturing the imagery. Some drones have automatic 360 features in which case it’s definitely worth using this. If not, no sweat. Here’s our top tips:

  • Fly within the drone code

  • Ensure the drone remains in the same position or as close to as possible.

  • Pick a calm day.

  • We usually start with the horizon dead centre of the camera to simplify the process.

  • Once you’re happy with the position of the drone take your first photograph.

  • Pan to the left or right and take another ensuring you leave enough overlap from the previous photograph.

  • Keep doing this until you come back to where you started. Raise the camera up or down and repeat the step above until you’ve taken a photo from every angle the gimbal will face.

  • You will need a fairly decent editing rig (PC or Mac) to process the photos. We usually deal with around 100 photos for a high quality aerial panorama with our drones.

  • Now the tricky bit begins… editing.

You can’t expect us to give all our secrets away right? If you need help editing aerial 360 photographs feel free to get in touch directly.