Drones and what you need to know about congested areas

Some might say that the Civil Aviation Authority haven’t defined a congested area very clearly. A contact of ours wrote to them direct and obtained the facts.

He asked - Can you clarify under article 95 for small Unmanned Aircraft how many properties becomes a built up area, would 2/5 properties count as a built up area?

And this is the reply he received

Dear Andy

We apply a 1 Nautical mile circle around the site and if over 50% was used for habitation, recreation or commercial activity we deemed it congested or built up area.

This means that to fly in a congested area you currently require permission for commercial operations. As a hobbyist you are not currently permitted to fly a drone in a congested area. Don’t worry we can help!

We know it’s great fun flying and taking to the skies but you also need to ensure you’re flying safely and legally. If you want our help to essentially be your tripod in the sky please do not hesitate to get in touch.