D Day 75 - Portsmouth 05.06.19

D Day 75th Anniversary was marked by world leaders in Portsmouth. It was an emotional and poignant day, A fitting tribute to those that selflessly defended our country all those years ago. These amazing men left our shores not knowing if they would ever return.


Portsmouth was buzzing! The streets were alive and everyone was in a good mood. The public areas were quickly filled and you could see either on the big public display screens or on your TV the full event unfolding in front of your eyes. It was special and eloquently delivered like it had been planned for 75 years! Everyone did a fantastic job delivering such a divine tribute to the lives lost and the 300 veterans still with us today.

To have 15 world leaders amongst 300 veterans just over the road from our office was quite surreal. We’re extremely privileged to have such a unique event held on Southsea Common.

D DAY 75 Southsea Common UK

It was great to see 99 year old Portsmouth Veteran John Jenkins MBE on stage. The standing ovation he received was moving. You can see the full video by watching the BBC tribute video below. Such a humble man. View from 1:20:11 on the video to skip straight to John.

Portsmouth was probably the safest place in the world to be on D Day 75. It was a sight to behold. Everything was organised like clock work, from the arrivals, during the event and the departures. It was military precision and superbly executed.

A fan of the Red’s?

A special event for all

Shortly after the main event the World Leaders departed

It wasn’t just a land and air event. The Solent was busy too!

D DAY 75 - Solent Sky Services-60.JPG

At the end of the days events Fred Olson Cruise ship Boudicca departed from Portsmouth International Port with 300 veterans on board to take them over to France enabling them to travel the same route they did 75 years ago. It was emotional watching them leave and whilst taking the photographs.

D DAY 75 - Solent Sky Services-57.JPG

Please do get in touch if you want to purchase any of the photos in print or for publication in the media. Photographs by Mike Woods & Jan Pavelka of Solent Sky Services.

These videos are an absolute must watch so please do take the time.