Portsmouth Ambassadors visit The Mary Rose Museum

Mike visited The Mary Rose Museum with the Portsmouth Ambassadors and took some photos. Here’s a guest blog by Andrew Starr, the Vice Chairman of The Portsmouth Ambassadors Steering Group.

As the gates opened on the Saturday morning of May 11th, 2019 a small select group of Portsmouth Ambassadors had gathered eagerly to visit the Mary Rose Museum on a visit organised for them by the Museum.


One of the many perks of being a Portsmouth Ambassador is to visit the many wonderful and varied attractions we have right here on our doorstep and then spread the word about how brilliant they are.

Now this museum, which was completely constructed around the ship in situ boasts a vast array of Tudor artefacts. They are at least very nearly 500 years old and many will be much older.

As you arrive you are greeted by a life size statue of Henry VIII. You are then guided through the history leading up to the reign of Henry and can see many artefacts found around the ship’s wreckage, such as the ship’s bell.

A very short movie will show what it was like as the ship went down trapping the sailors on board.

There is a lot of information about the Battle of the Solent and the fateful day the ship sank and how she was subsequently found again.

A brilliant glass walk through has on one side the ship on view, complete with lighting to depict a whole day and night cycle. Occasionally holographic footage appears depicting what life would have been like at various points in the ship, while on the other side mirror image displays show you the artefacts found where they would have been on board.

Three levels of viewing for the ship culminate at the top with a view in open air. An absolute marvel. So much to see and do all from the Tudor period…


On the upper level for this year is a temporary display giving in depth information about the crew on board. Information gleaned by examining their DNA. If you went to the previous museum over three years ago or have not been recently, then there is much more to see now, so a return visit is a must.

It’s essential for anyone touring Portsmouth and every resident should see part of their city’s history and heritage.