Snows BMW Drive & Dine event at Stansted Park

We recently spent some more time with Snows BMW Portsmouth over at their Drive & Dine event at the spectacular Stansted Park. We visited the site for a recce the day before filming and were astounded with the magnificence of the venue. BMW really know how to treat their customers well.

Want to find out more about the event and Stansted house? Please read on. There’s also a highlight video of the BMW event at the base of the blog.

Here’s a few photos of the venue for you to enjoy.

Set the scene for you? Stansted House began life as a hunting lodge back in the 11th century. The original house was built on the same site back in 1688 for Richard Lumley, The 1st Earl of Scarbrough and was most probably designed by William Talman. William was an English architect and landscape designer.

We could spend a lot of time photographing and filming the house and the grounds. It really is a delight to spend time in such a great location.

The original house suffered a near total loss back in 1900 and was rebuilt on the exact footprint in 1903. The architect was Sir Arthur William Bloomfield, look him up, he worked on some fascinating projects.

It was purchased by Vere Ponsonby, 9th Earl of Bessborough, in 1924. Since 1983 the House and Estate have been owned by Stansted Park Foundation, a charitable trust charged with the preservation of the estate for the benefit of the nation. The trust was set up by Frederick Ponsonby, 10th Earl of Bessborough, who died without a male heir in 1993. The history of Stansted Park since the 12th century is told in Lord Bessborough's book "The Enchanted Forest".

The kitchen area down in what was the servants quarters was amazing to view. The place feels so homely, not what you might expect for such a large building.

Here’s a few photos of the Snows BMW event, you can find the video at the base of the blog.

Snows BMW Portsmouth really know how to look after their customers. The event enabled their staff to get to know their clients better, gave them the opportunity to test drive the cars they may have already ordered and to visit a spectacular building.

We’re looking forward to working with The Snows Group again soon. Let’s hope it’s not so windy next time and we can take to the skies!

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