CAA x Jessops Partnership

We're glad to hear that the Government and the Civil Aviation Authority have announced a new partnership with the retailer Jessops. It's all going to be part of a national campaign to increase public awareness of the rules around drones. 

 The government are currently working on a campaign to help educate the public on safe and responsible drone use including issuing airports with digital tool kits to help them raise awareness of the new rules.

Progressing from the new laws that came into place last year restricting the use of drones and bringing forward a new drone-users register, the government have now announced new legislation to extend the 'no-fly' zone around airports, banning drones from flying within 5km of runways.

This new exclusion zone will be increased by several kilometers, including Bennington drone flight within 5km of runway ends. The enlarged no fly zone will serve as a means to better protect the UK's airports from those misusing drones and will come into force on the 13th March 2019.

Work to progress a new Drones Bill is also in the throws of preparation and will be introduced in the near future. It will give Police officers more powers to stop and search people suspected of using drones maliciously above 400ft or within 5km of an airport. 

This will help the Police tackle disruption like this event at Gatwick and Heathrow we've recently experienced. 

It will also give additional powers to the Police to clamp down on those misusing drones and other small unmanned aircraft - they will also have power to access electronic data stored on a drone with a warrant.

As we always go through the correct channels such as contacting air traffic control and ensuring we fly responsibly we hope that our commercial operations will not be affected.