Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Commercial Drone Pilot

Anyone can go out there, buy a drone, and go flying. They might not be doing it safely or legally though. Here’s our top 10 reasons to hire a commercial drone pilot which differentiate us from hobbyist drone pilots.


1. We have your safety and others in mind

It should be noted that one of the highest priorities of a commercial drone pilot is safety. After all our reputation as a business is at stake. Each commercial drone pilot works to an operations manual that has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and undertakes additional risk assessments for each flight.

2. It is your legal responsibility to hire a Drone Operator with Permission for Commercial operations

It is illegal to knowingly and will fully employ an individual who does not have permission for commercial operations to undertake commercial drone flights.

3. We deliver a quality product and service

Although the quality of the product and service can vary between operators for many reasons. While there is no guarantee it is fairly safe to assume that you will receive a better quality service than you would from a pilot who does not hold the required permissions and insurance.

4. We follow the law and have permission to fly

Commercial drone pilots follow the law and have permission for commercial operations. They will at all times ensure they fly within the law. They will have spent countless hours learning about the rules and regulations established by the Civil Aviation Authority and ensured they keep their knowledge up to date.

5. We understand the importance of professionalism

Whenever you hire a professional you expect professionalism and for them to handle themselves professionally. Professionals in any industry have an established process. We follow a set of standard safe operating procedures for each and every project we tackle, which starts with establishing the flights required, determining the class of airspace the project will take place in, if any bylaws are in place, obtaining permission from the land owner for take off and landing, planning the flights, and undertaking risk and method statements.

6. Our equipment is regularly checked and well maintained

Part of our operations manual dictates checks we need to undertake before and after each flight to ensure our drones are in optimal and safe condition. We ensure our drones are updated with not only the latest but the most stable and reliable software.

7. We have insurance

We hold insurance covering us for both our ground and aerial operations should in the unlikely event something go wrong.

8. We can legally fly closer to people, vessels and structures.

Being a commercial drone operator we have permissions for commercial night flights and also flights in congested areas. Once properties and people are under our control we’re able to fly much closer. Where as hobbyists must remain 150 metres away from congested areas.

9. Training

In order to keep the skill level high commercial drone pilots regularly practice flying. Each flight is logged and recorded and battery health closely monitored to ensure a quality service can be delivered safely.

10. Experience

Commercial drone pilots are more likely to have encountered situations that a hobbyist may not be familiar with such as taking off and landing from a moving vessel, flying at night, and flying in ATTI mode (no GPS)