How do I become a drone operator?


The burning question.. "How do I become a drone operator?"

In order to become a commercial drone pilot you need to find a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved training centre.

The training consists of several topics:

Air Law - You can find out more about that here


Aeronautical maps - Your learn how to interpret aeronautical maps. This helps you to fly safely.


You learn about weather forecasts and conditions. Most importantly how they can affect your flight safety.


Your taught how to conduct commercial and hobbyist flights safely. Some training centres even help put your operations manual together. This is the legal document that needs to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority enabling you to conduct commercial operations. It dictates how you must operate and record your flights.


You even learn about how drones work, how to look after your drone and your equipment such as batteries. Once you've studied and learnt the above you should ready for a written test. After passing it's time for the practical test! You have to undertake a safe drone flight in accordance with the requirements of a commercial flight. It also involves undertaking a variety manoeuvres.


It's not over yet.. you now need to prepare and submit the operations manual mentioned above. Once approved your good to go!

You can't just rock up and fly there's a lot of paperwork to prepare to ensure your flying safely and that in the event of an accident you can prove you were.

You can now also fly in congested areas rather than having to stay 150m away. So if you want to become a commercial drone pilot or a talented hobbyist pilot who wants to take their skills to the next level go give it a go .