Pembroke Gardens Bowling Club

Aerial Photography

Last weekend my phone started buzzing, it was the instant chat from our website with a new enquiry from Trevor over at Pembroke Gardens Bowling Club. He had seen our recent film featuring Old Portsmouth and was keen to discuss photography and videography services for their club,

The Bowling scene is currently at an important stage as Pembroke Gardens Bowling Club were at the time of the enquiry and the week after hosting several important events. 

I visited site and met with the club secretary, Trevor, and discussed various options. He specified the photograph he wanted which was to be a wide panoramic shot featuring the club and it's location highlighting the close proximity to the Sea, Old Portsmouth, and Gunwharf Quays.

After finalising agreements we went about planning our commercial flight. This involved, and was not limited to the following:

- Forwarded our insurance certificate along with permission for commercial operations to the client

- Liaised with Portsmouth City Council and obtained permission for take off & landing from their land

- A thorough 6 page risk and method statement for the flight to comply with our operations manual which is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. This includes checking the weather, NOTAM’S, and a full site assessment.

Remember. Even if your undertaking a hobby flight you need to follow The Drone Code and obtain permission from the land owner for take off and landing, your legally responsible for each flight. Please read our guide on flying as a hobbyist by clicking here.

We took flight on the 7th September 2018, just a few days after agreeing the flight with Trevor and safely obtained the images. Shortly after we returned back to our office to commence stitching, merging and editing the photographs. We produced three panoramic photos for our client to choose from which each met their specific instructions. 

We always have to consider GDPR and on this occasion our client requested that no person would be identifiable in the photos and the photos were to be taken from an appropriate height to ensure this request would be fulfilled. 

Here's the one they chose which happens to be our favourite too! It's got to be one of the best if not the best location in the country and we're proud to showcase it.


The original copy is a whopping 186mb file which comprises 10 23mp images taken from our drone at 210ft altitude. After editing we released a smaller file of 32mb to our client for their use. As you can imagine a photography of this quality can be used for print on a large scale! 

The resolution is 10397 x 4746! The Image above has been hugely reduced for web but it gives you a good idea of the scale of the photo.