Drone Safe Register Features on BBC 2 Dragons Den Sunday 9th September 2018

Congratulations to Mark Boyt at The Drone Safe Register for bringing Peter Jones, technology expert and successful entrepreneur to take this business to the next stage. We're proud to be  THE FIRST & ONLY Drone Safe Registered Drone Pilots in Portsmouth. 

We've been following The Drone Safe Register for sometime now and became members as soon as we were eligible. The Drone Safe Register promotes safe flying, the use of safe, qualified, insured, and legal pilots. 

It's so important to choose a company that fly's safely, legally, and has a good reputation of doing so as if you don't it could negatively effect your business. 

drone safe register dragons den

You might be wondering what this means for us, our clients, and potential future clients?

Lot's of good exposure. So if you want to use video or digital aids for your business and your based in Portsmouth or the surrounding areas be sure to give us a call. 

You can find our Drone Safe Register Profile by clicking here