Southsea Food Festival - 2018

We had a great time down at Southsea Food Festival as we do every year! It was amazing to see what felt like even more people turn up than last year!

Solent Sky Services down at the Southsea Food Festival 2018

Here's what the organisers have to say about the event!

We had over 60 stalls in the road closure area (lower Palmerston, Clarendon and Osborne Roads). Mainly local food businesses, showcasing the array of delicious menus from their restaurants. The aim of the event is to shine a light on the area, bring footfall to support the businesses and to support the number of independent food businesses in the area.

The festival has been running for 12 years which is amazing, some of the businesses have been attending for most of those years.

Footfall at the event is usually high as the public love it, it feels like a real celebration of food and is a great weekend for families and friends to get together and eat and drink from local restaurants, in the hope that they will come back and visit the food businesses regularly.

There was acoustic music stage provided by the Wedgewood Rooms, with artists playing on both days. Kitchen stage hosted by Community Chef Robin Van Creveld who hosted demonstrations of healthy food easily replicated at home using local in season produce. There was also local chefs on stage showing off their culinary skills!

In the precinct on the Saturday there was the Love Southsea food market who brought an eclectic mix of street food to eat as well as goodies to take home and enjoy. Hampshire Farmers took over the precinct on Sunday, with their fabulous local, in season produce.
— Michelle Farmer - Events Officer @ Portsmouth City Council

You can see the flyer for the event below which lists some of the traders present

The Meat Thief

A great team effort!

A great team effort!

We had an amazing weekend. It’s the third year running for The Meat Thief and we’ve smashed it!! Three weddings booked, fed Southsea with our delicious messy stack burgers and mouth watering sausages from award winning butchers.

Our pancakes sold out after about three hours!

We want to take the opportunity to thank all of our family, friends and customers for your continuous support. We wouldn’t have done it without you! Annelise, Oleg and Jan were amazing and did a great job on the stall.

Lots of Love from The Meat Thief Team
— Mr & Mrs Boon

These guys love what they do and are always cooking for friends and family when not at work. The food is spot on and it's not just about the meat, their salads and sides are divine!


Our friends over at Three Bar were certainly busy on the day! By working excellently together as a team they made excellent cocktails all day long. They were super popular! The gorgeous summer sun helped with this! Now more potential customers have tasted their awesome cocktails it's a sure thing they will be heading back for more. 

They opened in May 2014 and do a fantastic job of ensuring the locals don't go thirsty or hungry. Super Friendly bunch who always make you feel welcome. 

Ques building up ready for a thirst quenching Three cocktail

Ques building up ready for a thirst quenching Three cocktail

Look out for them in the video below!

Sweet Cakes By Barnsey

We first tried the cakes they make several years ago.. it all started with a cookie monster muffin and it didn't take us long to get hooked! On the day they were serving non alcoholic refreshing drinks with their creative twist! 

Cakes By Barnsey are well known for creating amazing custom cakes. You name it they can bake it! They're so good we had to have them bake our wedding cake. We didn't make it easy for them and they thrived on the challenge delivering every promise. 

Clearly loving the atmosphere!

Clearly loving the atmosphere!

They had a great weekend at Southsea Food Festival and we hope they picked up lots of leads for future work. Keep an eye out for them in our short video!


We had only heard good things about KBQ - Korean Barbeque and being big foodies we were eager to try out their food for ourselves. We were not dissapointed! The Pork belly, rice, relish and super tasty sauce was a taste sensation. Super friendly people prepping and serving delish food! 

Stuart Radcliffe & Oliver Peirce are a couple of chums that wanted to pursue a life that revolved around quality food. 

KBQ @ Southsea Food Festival 2018!
Any menu we created had to be worked around free range meat and sing its praises.

Korean BBQ worked for us as we could chop and change quality meat from Pork to beef to chicken and let the meat sing for its self. Korea has one of the healthiest diets in the world: what could be better than mashing BBQ and health into one awesome dish.

The Southsea food festival was our first big gig. A learning curve, it was indeed. The World Cup final was on and The Festival Of Speed was mopping up the petrol heads. Midday had arrived and we were quiet so we had assumed “today was not our day” turned out we were wrong and the masses of Portsmouth had arrived by the hundreds to try the local talent, A much needed injection of love that Portsmouth needs. For years it had suffered from a lack of top level diverse foods, Saturday was reflecting a very different compass with true north being flavour town. Many street food companies are going in to fixed premises and others are staying true to the street routes. Either way, both are food heroes to Portsmouth and Southsea.
— Stuart Radcliffe & Oliver Peirce

Last but not least a video we put together

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