Our director on Portsmouth's local radio station - Express FM!

I had a fantastic experience with Miles Henson from Express FM and it's about time we released the recording of the show! Please do have a listen and get to know Michael a bit better. 

To forewarn you the first part is mainly focussed on Surveying properties and the end of the show focuses on drones. I've taken out the music between us talking to keep the duration down. Unfortunately at the very end Sky News broadcast automatically over the top but you can just about hear us.



I love flying! When I was a kid I had a repetitive dream where I would run really fast, start doing swimming actions and eventually..boom I was flying!!

It's so exciting being in an industry that's fast expanding! Passenger drone rides to the Isle of Wight may not be as far off as you imagine!

Find out more about Miles and Express FM by clicking here

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Please do view our recent videos featuring The Ward Walk 2018 

Please do view our recent videos featuring The Ward Walk 2018