The Ward Walk May 2018 Organised & Run By Portsmouth Hospital Charity

Firstly, if anyone is free this Sunday, feeling active and would like to raise money for a good cause please join the Ward Walk on the 20th of May. Everyone is welcome including dogs.

Many who are taking part are walking for a reason. Last week, we had the privilege of meeting just some of those people. Myself and Mike meet Lauren (from Portsmouth Hospital Charity) and four fundraisers and took a short stroll through the lovely Staunton Country Park, Havant. We set up just by where the walk will start on Sunday and began to listen and record each story. Some of the interviews were not easy, but these brave people carried on to tell their story and why they were taking part in Ward Walk. 

Please take the time to watch the video and listen to each story. The video was made to show how incredible this charity is and how they made a difference to each person in very difficult times. If you cannot attend please donate as every contribution helps this cause. 

In the video above (in order) I interviewed Joanne who is walking for her Aunt, Katie who is walking for premature babies as she was one herself, Charlotte who is walking for her daughter Ava and Hannah & Ella who are walking for Hannah's father in law. 

Joannes Just Giving page 

Charlotte's Just Giving page for - “Ava Margaret Grant” born 11th September 2017 - 3rd May 2018

How to get involved with The Ward Walk 2018

Do expect a video and blog post following the event as we're delighted to be covering it on the day!