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We wanted to get out there and meet more small business owners to find out about their journeys and what they do whilst giving them a helping hand in their marketing. Having recently joined My VIP Card we put out an initial introductory offer for a guest blog and short talking heads video. Shirley from Velvet & Rose was super keen to get involved. Not long after we arranged to visit Velvet & Rose, a womenswear boutique in Petersfield and we met the owner, Shirley Leader. Here’s a short film about her business.

I was either going to join the police force or start up my own business! This was the decision I was facing in July of 2017. I worked in a corporate environment for over 20 years. It has made me what I am today, how I work, how I interact with others and ironically enough, to recognise that life is too short to be doing something when the fire starts to dissipate.

After attending some workshops both formal classroom setting and informal mum’s enterprise I decided to open up a womenswear shop! I knew nothing about starting a business or even how to ‘buy’ clothes. I met with other business women and thought I would like to do what they are doing! I learnt a lot from them. One lady in particular was very generous with her time. Without her advice I think I would have struggled in starting up my own business. I began to research brands and carry out market research in order to identify my USP. I had to look into how to run a business as well as a retail shop.

In November/December of 2017 I started to look for potential retail properties in various market towns. I fell in love with Petersfield. It is so vibrant and the people all enjoy living and shopping there. I was lucky in that during my leaflet drop I came across a retail unit which was being vacated and available in January of the following year. I acted fast and signed on the dotted line. The unit was mine and I opened it up at the end of March 2018. It was quite a journey - short and sharp - steep learning curves.

I now have a lovely customer base and learning every day about what my customers want. I have got some things wrong but a lot right too. The brands I have convey style & glamour. There are plenty of relaxed pieces alongside some lovely accessories, all across different price points. Everyone who walks into the boutique remarks on how beautiful and different the clothes are. I still network with the people around me, both in person and online. I still have a lot to learn but I am enjoying the journey. I never know who is going to walk into the boutique; each day is different. It is not easy but I guess if it was, it would not be a challenge and would not keep the fire burning!
— Shirley Leader - Velvet & Rose

A big thank you to our shoppers on the day Debbie Jones and Emily Mcnie

How have we helped Shirley? We’ve provided her with a short video to use online and some guidance to help with her social media. It’s amazing how effective small businesses can manage their own social media once they have a few tips here and there.

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We provided the video in various sizes and gave a guide as to where to use these. We recommend when using video on social media that involves someone speaking subtitles enhance reach and engagement. You might find it surprising how many people watch videos with the volume down!


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