Official opening of the LEGO Education Innovation Studio at UTC Portsmouth

Do you like LEGO?

We love it and we’re super proud that Portsmouth is now home to it’s very own LEGO Education Studio. This isn’t just your standard LEGO, the kids can programme their LEGO models utilising the latest computer software. We’re looking forward to seeing how the studio progresses over time..

Essential Teaching UK hosted the official opening event and they’re so happy to be a part of this scheme to bring creativity, education, engineering, and technology together for these brilliant children.


The new studio fits in perfectly with UTC Portsmouth. As you walk in through the glazed sliding doors of the UTC it hits you immediately.. the place is a hive of activity with a large open plan cafeteria area, open plan workshops, it just feels like a great place to come and learn! It’s so nice to see the kids have such a great facility to use.

Here’s our highlights video of the event:

Mike got talking with James Doherty - The Vice Principal and Director of College Curriculum - our conversation went from LEGO to drones fairly quickly as you might imagine haha. James explained that they have been designing and 3d printing drones in a days work! He mentioned one student even programmed a drone to fly autonomously to a model oil rig to collect workers to then bring them back via a pre-planned route. As you can imagine he’s super keen to find out more about UTC Portsmouth.