Drones for weddings

Considering hiring in a drone pilot and or a professional videographer for your wedding? Here’s a few things you need to know.

Forget any ideas you have of drones being toy’s for adults who refuse to grow up - drones have been used by professional wedding videographer’s for some time now and it’s really not hard to see why.

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We knew it was a no brainer to use drones to take our videography skills to the next level and thanks to todays technology and our high spec equipment we can capture truly spectacular aerial wedding video and photographs you’ll want to treasure forever.

It’s not just about the aerials… we find drone footage on it’s own really boring to look at. What we specialise in is offering the entire media package inclusive of ground footage all at breathtaking future proof 4k quality.

When considering hiring a wedding videographer who also offers aerial work there are certain things you need to know about hiring them:

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Wedding videographers in general

  1. How far in advance should I book my videographer?

Most couples tend to book their venue first and then other suppliers. Bookings could be as far in advance as two years and as little as five weeks. We’ve found from our research it’s usually around the year mark. We don’t hold bookings without a 50% deposit paid.

2. Is a contract required?

No. Although it may give you more piece of mind if you like it can be arranged. We usually approach the matter through email to confirm agreements, set expectations, and agree exactly what will be undertaken. We aim to keep things simple and not bamboozle you! This is how we like to do business.

3. When would you expect to pay?

We typically request the balance be paid in full two weeks prior to the wedding however we’re fine with couples paying on the day of the wedding or just after.

4. Do you need to visit the venue before the wedding day?

Yes, we always insist on this as it plays an important part in delivering the very best film we can. We also like to meet the bride and groom to run through the day.

5. What kind of quality can I expect?

We would recommend asking the videographer what equipment they will be using to film your wedding. We use high specification 4k future proof cameras and stabilisation devices to ensure the footage we provide is top notch. Ask for recent footage or an example. We’re always more than happy to meet at the venue to provide a specific example if required. After all it’s not just the wedding day you enjoy it’s the build up!

Drones and aerial work

  1. Whats a drone?

To put it simply it’s an unmanned aircraft. We use our high tech unique aircrafts to film from an elevated perspective providing cinematic high quality footage. In our opinion and most people we speak to drones are a must have for weddings.

2. Why are drones ideal for weddings?

They can be used in a variety of ways capturing key moments throughout the day which can really reveal the grandeur of a wedding venue and it’s surroundings.

3. Is it expensive to hire a drone?

Prices vary to make sure you obtain a few quotes and also look at the quality of that persons/companies footage to date. The last thing you want is poorly exposed, jerky footage of your wedding day. Typically you should budget between £300-£1000 to hire a drone operator for your special day.

4. Who would control the drone at the wedding?

The pilot would control the drone who is responsible for the safety of the flight. The pilot will give a briefing to the bride and groom prior to the big day so have no worries there. It’s super straight forward so have no worries about that.

5. Will the video and photographs be good quality?

We guarantee satisfaction and good quality. We’ve built our brand on good quality, safety and professionalism whilst remaining super easy and accommodating to deal with.

6. How do I hire a safe and legal operator?

You can probably guess what we’re about to say.. give us a call, email or live chat right now. When looking for comparative quotes always ask for proof of insurance and the pilots permission for commercial operations. Any legally operating pilot usually sends this to you before you even have to ask.

We will soon be adding fixed price aerial/ground wedding videography packages and we would love to create amazing ever lasting memories of your special day.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to have a chat about your wedding day.