The Staggeringly Good Crowd funder Crowd Cube video has launched! 56k warning PHOTOS AND VIDEOS

I’ve always said they key to work is to enjoy your job and I can hand on heart say I’ve never laughed so much on a single project. The lads down at Staggeringly Good are a super fun bunch and amazing at what they do. They need a little help moving onto the next stage in their epic journey.

Didn’t expect to be filming a beer pouring dinosaur this year!

We started this business out of a shipping container in 2014 on borrowed kit, filling and labelling bottles by hand. Now our ability to supply from 11,000L of fermentation capacity has been completely maxed out.

We have pretty grand plans for our next move, if you’d like to be part of it and come along for the ride then sign up below at the link below.
— Staggeringly Good Brewery

They’ve now launched a crowdfunding campaign and you can register your interest by clicking here. These lads are super passionate about what they do and are a true fountain of knowledge when it comes to brewing beers or even English history.. turns out they can make an epic TriCeraTap too! To find out more about that as soon as possible you need to head on down to their crowd funding promo event at their brewery.

Staggeringly Good called upon the combined forces of myself and Jeeves Media to create two films: a core promo video for the crowdfunding campaign, and to create a teaser trailer film. We’re soon to be releasing the full promo video so stay tuned for that. We’ve worked in collaboration throughout the project from initial discussions, proposal stage through to project implementation and successful deliverance of this teaser trailer.

The video is 80’s inspired with a Staggeringly Good theme which was both fun to film, edit, and publish. We added subtle sound effects, filters, gradients, luts, transitions, and Staggeringly Good even visited a recording studio called Muchas Music to ensure the audio in the video was perfect.

The filming didn’t go without it’s issues though… but thanks to the pit crew over at Mobility Service Centre Portsmouth the show was back on the road in no time.

Here’s the teaser trailer for their crowdfunding event

The Staggeringly Good Brewery is somewhat of a hidden gem as it’s hidden away in a dark corner of Southsea. Not visited yet? You need to get yourself down there!

SHOP/TAP ROOM Opening Times

Wednesday 2pm – 10pm
 2pm – 11pm
Friday 2pm – 11pm
Saturday 12pm – 11pm
Sunday 2pm – 8pm

To view the updated blog complete with the main crowd funding video click here


A Staggeringly Good Beer film




A bit thanks goes out to all the local businesses that got involved. We’re super grateful. A special thanks goes out to

Samo at Play Dead for the Staggeringly Good Tattoo.


Emergence’ by Waveshaper
Taken from ‘The Summoner Original Soundtrack
Available on Lazerdiscs Records

A lil ‘Change’ by Cam Cole

Skaraman and The Gosport Solent Brass Band