Our planet is facing one of the biggest threats in history

It’s truly astonishing how polluted our oceans are. It may be hard to believe but the awareness of the huge threat our planet is facing is increasing. We’re huge fans of our friends over at The Final Straw Solent and Sea Shepherd UK. They’re making a massive difference in our area and are linked to other groups worldwide making a huge difference too!

beach cleaning in progress

The BBC are making a huge difference and have recently aired a program called Drowning in Plastic which is truly eye opening. If you haven’t already seen it we would highly recommend viewing. Although sad to watch it brings home the shocking truth about the state of our oceans and the negative impact it’s having on our planet.

Please click here to view Drowning in Plastic on BBC I Player

Your probably thinking what can I do to help.. the answer is a lot. It’s all about changing behaviours, what you dispose of, recycling etc. A good guide about what plastics can be recycled can be read here. It’s become evident that the plastic pollution threat is a global responsibility and even the most remote of places are effected. We urge you to join in and help your local groups such as The Final Straw or Sea Shepherd and find out from them what you can do to make a difference. There are many others also so please do get out there, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Our oceans are such a beautiful place. It is crazy that we’re treating them the way we have been.

hayling island beach looking beautiful

Here’s a link to The Final Straw Solent and Sea Shepherd UK. It’s amazing that these groups are getting the support of The BBC. Yesterday The Final Straw Solent were featured on The BBC News not once but THREE TIMES, at 1 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 10 o’clock! You can view their story by clicking here and its at about 13:20 on the timeline. We’re super proud that some of our footage from our visit earlier to a beach clean earlier this year. If you haven’t seen it already please read our previous blog.

Around the globe every minute we buy a million plastic bottles, a million plastic cups, and two million plastic bags. Every minute an entire rubbish truck load of plastic ends up in the ocean. Over a year this adds up to an astounding eight million tonnes!

Please search for your local groups who are helping in the fight against plastics. You can make a difference and our planet needs you! Please read our latest blog and be sure to watch the latest BBC TV Program - Drowning in Plastic. Links to this and others can be found in our blog also.

There are many engineering solutions currently being developed to help the huge problem our planet is facing, and we’re super excited to start learning more about these. Do you know someone who is experimenting with ideas? We want to hear from you.

Mean while please do take a look at the BBC’s plastic watch which you can find here.